SwingRex Indoor Golf

Let’s perfect the golf swing indoors and then take our game outside.


Monday Open with Bad Weather only
Tuesday – Friday 10AM – 9PM
Saturday 9AM – 9PM
Sunday 11AM – 6PM


Welcome to SwingRex!

Of the top 50 players on the LPGA Tour there are 26 that are Korean as of November 3rd, 2014. Why? Can you believe they practice in an indoor golf facility just like SwingRex Indoor Golf for at least one year before they play golf on the course? They come inside to perfect their swing before the go out and swing under the pressure of a real round of golf. When they know exactly how far they hit each club and find out which club is their money club, the club that always gets the job done playing golf is much easier and more enjoyable. That’s why they spend most of their time in an indoor facility. Their philosophy is simple, let’s learn a fundamentally sound swing indoors before we go out and play on a real course, ensuring that we don’t learn bad habits while we learn to play.


Swing-Rex Has 5 state of the art Tour simulators for right and left handed golfers. We feature 5 Foresight GC2 Launch Monitors that we can set to Colorado elevation, or we can set them to sea level if you are traveling soon for a golf trip. Visit our store and ask about our “Free Tour” 15 minute demo and see how our technology can help you improve your game.

Know Your Distances

When you practice at Swing-Rex, our simulators will track all your shots, from short chips to long drives. We can every turn them into a spreadsheet on your smartphone for quick reference when you play. Know exactly how far you hit each club with confidence.

State of the Art Technology

Our simulators are so accurate, the golf ball you play makes a difference on our simulators, just like outdoors. Accurately measures backspin to within 50RPM’s and ball speeds within .5 MPH.

Play 18 Holes

We have courses from all over the world; Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Abu Dhabi National, Oakmont Country Club, Congressional, Turnberry, Doral’s Blue Monster and Quail Hollow, where the PGA CHampionship will be held this year.

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Call or text message our store at 303-961-1292 or fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly with our availability.